Sarah-Jane Skeete, Front End Developer
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I love hand-coding beautifully clean, interactive and responsive user interfaces for desktop, mobile and tablet. I have a background in mathematics (BSci Imperial College London) and enjoy solving difficult problems using innovative solutions.

I'm fluent in HTML5, CSS3, LESS, Object-Oriented JavaScript and jQuery and have a thorough understanding of the D3 JavaScript graphing library. I'm familiar with Ruby, Python, Objective-C and C++. My preferred server side language is Ruby and I have made several apps using the Sinatra framework also using MongoDB, icluding a CMS.

I have extensive experience making cross-browser compatible and accessible websites for BT and How are you? among others. I have worked on Windows 8 HTML5 tablet/desktop apps within the constraints of Microsoft's own proprietary JavaScript framework, including porting the National Geographic Kids iPad app. I also have experience making iOS web apps, the most recent being an RSS reader app for the stock exchange news company Mondo Visione.